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The Anne Animated Gift Set includes: The perfect gift item for any child on your list! For even more great gift ideas, visit the Shop at Sullivan online store. Journey to Green Gables. This full-length, family-friendly film boasts all the same fun and adventure of the television program. Check out the plot synopsis below to find out why Anne: Luckily she escapes to the pastoral world of Green Gables, where she is adopted by elderly couple Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert.

However, the evil Poubelle is determined to have Anne in her clutches. A vanishing heirloom, blundered disguises and a hot air balloon ride provide a climax to a charming new version of this traditional classic. All The Broken Words: Gilbert has fallen down the stairs and dropped a box of letters. Now his words are all mixed up. The town of Avonlea is hosting its annual auction at the town fair. Help Matthew sort through his attic to decide what to donate. With each item you find, Matthew will write up a log which documents its unique historical significance.

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The Animated Series Soundtrack: Children of all ages will love this collection of themes and melodies from the original soundtrack of the animated Anne of Green Gables television series. The Animated Series eBooks: One of the most exciting things about Anne: The Animated Series is that every episode holds an important life lesson. With topics ranging from sportsmanship to self-confidence to determination, audiences young and old are sure to discover something new! Read on to discover five invaluable skills you can learn from watching Anne.

The Next Generation and The Assistants. But before making a name for himself as an actor, Al was the voice behind Gilbert Blythe in Anne: Curious to know what the rest of your favourite Sullivan cast members are up to? Check out the Actor Update series on our website. Here at Sullivan, we pride ourselves on offering content that is not only entertaining, but educational, too. Nothing is more important than having good friends but that means you have to be a good friend too. If you want your kids to watch cartoons that are fun, educational and have a positive moral message then Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series is definitely for you!

Shy and gentle, Matthew likes to avoid confrontation. She is a spinster with a stern, no-nonsense attitude. But underneath it all, she has a soft and loving heart. But she is very proud of her Anne and loves her deeply. She is a dark-haired girl with a sunny personality. Gilbert is a generous, athletic, bright and fair-minded boy. But he sure knows how to have fun! After enjoying all the Anne: The Animated Series episodes, you can follow Anne while you read about her!

The books are a great edition to any family library, as you can read about Anne and the other great characters of Avonlea! Due to the excitement of having money, she goes to the general store and spends all her money at once. She spends her money instead of saving it. Because she spends her money unwisely on things she does not need, Anne almost loses her allowance privileges.

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She quickly learns how to manage her money properly. Anne enjoys getting her allowance too much, as she spends it all at once and not on what she was trying to save up for. She learned very quickly to manage her money and not spend it all in one place. It was an important lesson to learn, as she now understands the meaning of hard work and saving!

Anne and Diana get excluded by their classmates, so they decide to start their own club. The club is to be exclusive and the only members can be Anne and Diana. But while building their new club house, both Anne and Diana realize that everyone else at school has joined an exclusive club started by Felicity! The girls soon understand that in being snubbed by some classmates and then deciding to then exclude kids from their club was just as mean as the original snub.

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It is a great episode to show the need to include everyone in activities. There is no reason to exclude others, as Anne and Diana first were snubbed then began to snub others. It is a mean cycle that only hurts feelings. In order to have everyone have fun, it is best to include everyone! Anne and Diana have superstitious beliefs, as they believe in good luck charms and that the swings have a special power.

Because of this, Anne realizes that her superstitions have not been helpful. She finds that the superstitions act negatively, as they stop her from problem solving. Anne learns that problem solving is much more effective, as she finds problem solving provides a sustainable solution. Although the superstitions are fun, she finds that problem solving is a better way to get through situations. Anne and Diana decide to go into the woods to look for treasure.

They head off into the woods without telling anyone where they were going, without any supplies and without a map.

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After they get lost, they end up finding more than they bargained for! Anne and Diana make the mistake of going into the woods without telling their parents, without taking any food and water, and without a map. They did not do the things that are required to go out to the woods alone. It was very easy for them to get lost after they did not do what they should have.

Sullivan Entertainment Annemation Productions Inc. Anne is in a spelling bee, but she loses her spelling ability after being supposedly cursed by Peg Bowen and fears losing after Ms. King stresses the importance of winning. She eventually learns the value of self-confidence and discovers curses are silly superstitions. Anne's sick of Gilbert calling her red hair "carrots" and decides to dye it. But it goes horribly wrong and she dyes her hair green!

ANNE OF GREEN GABLES - Anne's First Day Of School - PBS

After talking to her imaginary friend Dryad about her situation, Anne realizes that her red hair is part of what makes her unique and she should be proud to show it off. On a rainy day, Anne finds a stray dog in the barn and calls him "Magic. Gresham's nephew Ben visits Avonlea, Anne and company are all excited because he will be in town for a sports day.

But what else to do when Ben arrives in crutches, paralyzed from polio then accept him into the group? Eventually, Anne and Mr. Gresham come up with new events for the sports day that everyone can participate in. All of Avonlea is brimming with excitement as the world-famous Amelia Evans comes to town. She wears puffed sleeves, and everyone wants to dress like her. Anne becomes so preoccupied with appearances that she doesn't prepare for the talent show held in Amelia's honor.

"Matthew and the Clothes Shop"

She goes off the fashion when she discovers that Amelia is a snob and resumes practice. The taffy contest at the fair in Avonlea goes badly, because the "Sugar" and "Salt" cards are switched, and so, however, much sugar is supposed to be added to Anne's taffy, that much salt is added instead, and Anne is sure it is all Felicity's fault.

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  3. Matthew Insists on Puffed Sleeves.
  4. It turns out that both are to blame because Anne accidentally switched the sugar and salt. Anne defends Diana at school when she has head lice, but the other children are disgusted so they shun her for remaining her friend. Soon she goes off to help the others decorate for Felicity's slumber party, causing Diana to feel betrayed and hurt since she was disinvited to for her lice. Anne comes to the realization that if placed in the same situation, Diana would have remained loyal. Eventually, Anne and Diana become friends again.

    Anne and Diana venture into the woods in search of treasure but get lost. Then, they are able to find a way back by remembering the landmarks they passed along the way. Anne suspects Gilbert cheated on a test. His grades and reputation drop, and he struggles to prove Anne wrong. Then, Anne and Diana sneak into the school and discover Gilbert is innocent, but the whole class is too convinced Gilbert cheated. Felix is having problems with a bully who happens to be partners with him on a science project, and Anne helps him, learning that bullies should be dealt with kindly, so as not to be one in return.

    Eventually, Felix becomes friends with the bully and they get a good science grade. Anne promises to help Marilla make ice cream for the Avonlea book club meeting but ends up straying from her duties. In addition, Anne doesn't know what Shakespearean scene to play out for the meeting. The Hunt for the Golden Crown, an Avonlea tradition, has Anne and her friends excited, until they learn that new and complex rules have been added, which leads them to ponder which rules should and should not be followed.

    Then, Anne leads a class of vegetables in her imagination and discovers that rules are more important than she thought. Rachel Lynde suggests the kids start a town newspaper, of which Anne is made editor. Soon the power goes to her head and she quarrels with Diana and her other friends involved in the project. Then, a bold rescue brings the kids together. Anne prepares for a lunar eclipse party, but neglects her chores in the process, threatening to throw Green Gables into chaos. Felix is a poor swimmer, and the other children grow impatient with him.

    His friendship with Anne is strengthened as they bond after the latter hurts her arm in a diving stunt and is banned from swimming for the rest of the day. Then, on the day of the swimming contest, Felicity drinks too many sodas and is unable to swim, giving Anne and Felix an opportunity to show their newfound skills they learned while practicing together. Avonlea and the nearby town of Carmody are set to play a hockey game, and Gilbert is made the team captain.

    Everyone in town becomes obsessed with winning and forgets the value of good sportsmanship. Anne is more concerned with safety for the game, and so her classmates snub her.

    But when Felix hurts his leg, Anne's friends realize how important safety is. Anne and Marilla argue over how their chores should be done, and Anne and Diana plan a surprise party for Gilbert but plan it around things they like princes and princesses instead of things he likes. Anne then has a dream sequence with Matthew's horse and discovers her mistake.

    Gilbert thought babysitting his infant cousin would be a breeze, but it doesn't go that way. Instead, his cousin causes mischief while Anne and Diana irresponsibly sneak off to Mrs. Van Hoyte's tea party. Peg Bowen, the town eccentric, comes to Avonlea for winter supplies, and after the kids spy on her, a snowstorm hits, and she saves Anne from its wrath. Anne and her friends then reconsider their opinions on Peg Bowen. A marble craze hits Avonlea, and Anne accidentally loses a marble Matthew has owned since boyhood.

    She then convinces the gang to stop playing for keeps and to just play for fun. Felicity and Felix's consistent fighting may spoil the upcoming King Family Reunion, and it's up to Anne to help them get along. In the end, Felix and Felicity learn to be better siblings. Marilla works to persuade the town council to build a new library, but Anne and Diana's superstitious beliefs get in the way due to a pair of future-predicting swings foretelling Marilla would get struck by lightning before she succeeded in the library petition and also due to Felix's troublesome dog Caesar.

    Chastened, Anne realizes that superstitions are only there to stop people from solving problems themselves. When famed novelist E.