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Writing about the Bulgarian Gulag. Gulag Narratives and Their Afterlife. U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Literature in Eastern Central Europe since Lithuanian Migration and Diaspora Studies. Memoirs Concerning the Yugoslav Breakup and War. Literature and Culture in Context 19 Wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, Sur les journaux personnelles de la II guerre mondiale.

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Essays, Lectures, Interpretations ]. The Contemporary Croatian Autobiographical Prose ].

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The Views of Russians from Eastern Latvia. We Sang through Tears: Stories of Survival in Siberia. Editura Univers Enciclopedic, Inevitability and Hope in Latvian Psychiatric Narratives. Illness in Judgment on the Soviet Past. The Testimony of Lives: Narrative and Memory in Post-Soviet Latvia. A Case Study in Latvian Narrative. Neurasthenia and the Testimony of Lives in Latvia. The Quest for Identity. Latvian Memory and Narrative.

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Feminism in Our Time. Geraldine Pratt and Victoria Rosner. Mobilizing Stories, Campaigns, Ethnicities.


Responding to Ethnicity in a Globialized World. Fictionalized Autobiography in East-Central Europe. U of Nebraska, Return from the Archipelago: Narratives of Gulag Survivors. Hungarian Historical Writing in the s. The Contexts of Autobiographical Genres ]. A Cultural Review A Selected collection of Latvian Life Stories: Oral History Sources of Latvia: History, Culture, Society through Life Stories. U of Latvia, and Lives, Histories and Identities.

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U of Tartu, Varga for their help with the current bibliography. Bibliography on Life Writing from Eastern Europe The present bibliography is an attempt to bring together work on life writing from Eastern Europe.

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Cultural Trauma and Life Stories. Collecter et archiver en Hongrie. Regional development strategies are becoming more similar all around Europe, even though regional differences are more pronounced than ever and many European regions have become more autonomous actors. This thesis of a peculiar standardized diversification of sub-national space in the modern…. The Road to Social Europe reviews the development of political cultural processes since the…. German—Turkish relations, which have a long history and generally unrecognized depth, have rarely been examined as mutually formative processes.

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Isolated instances of influence have been examined in detail, but the historical and still ongoing processes of mutual interaction have rarely been…. Edited by Richard McMahon. Collective identity, the emotionally powerful sense of belonging to a group, is a crucial source of popular legitimacy for nations. However efforts since the s to politically support European integration by using identity mechanisms borrowed from nationalism have had very limited success. This book shifts the attention from fertility decline to why people do have children, asking what children mean to them. It investigates what role children play in how young adults plan their lives, and why and how young….

Edited by Gerard Delanty. This major new book tackles key questions on Europe in the context of shifting parameters of East and West. The contributors - sociologists, anthropologists, philosophers and historians - show, from a variety of different perspectives, that the conventional equation of Europe with the West must be…. Edited by Patrick Baert , Sokratis M. Koniordos , Giovanna Procacci , Carlo Ruzza. This book provides readers — students, researchers, academics, policy-makers, activists and interested non-specialists — with a sophisticated understanding of contemporary discussion, analysis and theorizing of issues pertaining to conflict, citizenship and civil society.

It does so through…. Edited by David Rose , Eric Harrison. This timely volume introduces a new social class schema, the European Socio-economic Classification ESeC , which has been specifically developed and tested for use in EU comparative research. Social Class in Europe aims to introduce researchers to the new classification and its research potential.

Edited by Anna Triandafyllidou. Muslims in 21st Century Europe explores the interaction between native majorities and Muslim minorities in various European countries with a view to highlighting different paths of integration of immigrant and native Muslims. Starting with a critical overview of the institutionalisation of Islam…. Are the recent developments in Europe bringing countries together or pulling them apart?

The leading experts in this book including Sheila Allen, Marlis Buchmann, Piotr Sztompka, and Patrick Ziltener cover a wide range of subjects, including the move towards political democracy and market economy…. Edited by Martin Kohli , Alison Woodward. European social development over the last century has been characterized by an increasing inclusiveness of people into the ever-larger collectives of the nation state, the European Union and categories of welfare entitlement.

Yet recent empirical data suggests that income gaps are growing and that….

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Throughout the world, politicians from all the main parties are cutting back on state welfare provision, encouraging people to use the private sector instead and developing increasingly stringent techniques for the surveillance of the poor. Almost all experts agree that we are likely to see further…. Yrigoy, Ismael Transforming non-performing loans into re-performing loans: Hotel assets as a post-crisis rentier frontier in Spain Part of Geoforum , p.

Christophers, Brett Risk capital: Urban political ecology and entanglements of financial and environmental risk in Washington, D. Part of Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space , Can lifestyle preferences help explain the persistent gender gap in academia? The "mothers work less" hypothesis supported for German but not for U.

Part of British Food Journal , p. Part of Journal of Attention Disorders , Gray matter volume correlates of sleepiness: Persson, Mathias The Story of War: China, Russia, and twenty-first century global geopolitics Part of International Affairs , p. Lundemark, Mai Book Review: Part of The Lancet Global Health , Walch, Colin Adaptive governance in the developing world: Walch, Colin Disaster risk reduction amidst armed conflict: Christophers, Brett Financialisation as Monopoly Profit: Patients' experiences of accessing their electronic health records: S30 SS40 S40, Lilja, Kristina Review of: Changing household dietary behaviours through community-based networks: