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Please do not send enquiries to our email address as we do not monitor the mailbox regularly. Our customer support team is here for you! Why Shop With Us? Customer Support We answer within 48 hours! Christ in Our Midst: Description How do I find Christ in the people around me? You may also like: Through her art and her works of charity, she sought the face of God in her daily life, discovering Jesus in each person she met.

One look away and the image vanishes. So, why a face? Why not hands, feet, or even the back of a head? I suspect it is because people are fascinated by faces, which can reveal or conceal so much.

Faces connect us and also identify us. One evening I was having dinner with my cousins, all of them daughters of the same aunt and uncle. The question came up: I immediately blurted out one name only to see other faces fall. Later that evening, it occurred to me that one of the others was almost a spitting image of her mother. And really, all four of them carried a striking resemblance to her, varied but true.

It is these variations that make families so interesting. How many combinations and interpretations result from the faces of one man and one woman? In a sense, Caryll Houselander worked a similar marvel in the many and compelling ways she presented the face of Christ, the one face we all long for. As a weaver of words and a deeply mystic soul, Caryll saw the face of Christ everywhere: Every book, every article she wrote aimed at making us aware of this wonderful truth: My first encounter with the writings of Caryll Houselander was a hurried, last-minute scan of The Reed of God, which had been assigned summer reading.

In a visit to my Uncle Mark, a xviii. My uncle summarized the message of his kindred spirit. He sent me home with several of her books, which I then read eagerly. I found that in everything she wrote her intention was to show us how much we all look like Christ and are part of the great mystery known as his Mystical Body. This was due in great part to her tumultuous childhood. Nothing of the trouble was discussed with the children. With the breakup of the family, the Houselander girls were thrust into the unfamiliar life of boarding school, xix.

She was frequently ill and her formal schooling suffered.

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With time, however, she warmed to her surroundings and developed an attachment to the French nuns who ran the school. During these early years Caryll had her first mystical experience. She happened upon a religious sister, a Bavarian, truly a misfit in wartime England, who was weeping. And her final great vision took place on the London subway, where she was suddenly confronted by Christ visible in each passenger.

She was quick to say these were not things she actually saw, but things present to her soul. Prior to this last vision, Caryll, an art student, had entered into the idealistic world of protests and freethinking. She had been offended by the pettiness and lack of charity among believers and opted out of the formal practice of her faith.

She had been in and out of love and even had an affair with a famous English spy.

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Then, instead of rebelling against the evils and injustices she witnessed on the streets of London, Caryll involved herself in xx. Writing, illustrating, and woodcarving barely provided for her support. However, her life grew more settled when she became acquainted with a young divorcee, Iris Wyndham, who invited Caryll to live with her, thus saving Caryll from likely destitution. During the Second World War, Caryll joined several home defense activities, including watching for enemy bombers at night.

When her writing became successful, she responded by giving more freely. Her fame also brought to her door numbers of people in search of advice. Some London psychologists entrusted difficult patients to her for counseling because they recognized her ability to love them back to life, a gift she attributed to the fact that she was neurotic herself. Although painfully shy in crowds, she was the delight of her close friends, always laughing and joyful, and an entertaining storyteller, actress, and mimic.

With all this, was Caryll perfect?

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Not if you consider her chain smoking, affection for a stiff drink, or penchant for the quick, cutting remark. After this short, but remarkably gifted and giving life, Caryll died of breast cancer on October 12, I would like to say she was a prophet of our eternal connectedness. She wrote endlessly, haranguing and hurrahing us with the realization that Christ wishes to live in us, to be one body with us. Caryll exemplifies how daring Our Lord is in his dealings with a person when he wants cooperation.

Both Paul and Caryll were allowed to see Jesus, and both were then asked to give him to their contemporaries. Caryll generously dove into this mission, spending her physical and creative energies in showing us the beauty and nearness of Christ, his presence in the Church, in the world, in self, and in each person we encounter, whether saint or sinner. She used the reality of everyday life to illustrate the mystery of the life to come. She helped us examine the life of grace, which flows through our collective lives and binds us together.

We all know people who have separated themselves from the Body of Christ. They consider the Church irrelevant, and this is always painful to witness. As believers we xxii. Therefore, when someone asks where they can find Christ today, what do we say? Where do we point?