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The wave variations in each "heartprint" contain information about the different organ systems and rhythms in the body. When two people touch, the heartwave of one can be seen registering in the brainwave of the other. Research by the Institute for HeartMath in California4 has shown that the heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body: Our mental and emotional state impacts the quality of contact we offer to another person. When we touch one another with safe, respectful, loving intention both physically and emotionally, we call into play the full healing power of the heart.

The greater the "coherence"--a sense that life is comprehensible, manageable and meaningful-- one develops, the more sensitive one becomes to the subtle electromagnetic signals communicated by those around them. In my experience working with groups, the combined impact of the interaction of the electromagnetic fields of all the group members' hearts creates a powerful space in which individuals can do deeper healing work than one-on-one. As one group member goes deeper, and gets closer to their core, the others in the group feel the energetic vibration of this person's "heart opening" and are touched by it--energetically, as well as emotionally.

Having a greater understanding of the role and power of the heart sheds light on how to think about a wide range of human experience. Heartpower and our genetic make-up: Dorothy Mandel writes, ""Genetically, cells adapt to what they perceive their environment to be. Because an event experienced in the midst of a heart response will be perceived and interpreted very differently than an event experienced in the midst of a stress response, the heart can also powerfully affect genetic expression"5.

Becoming more heart aware and working towards authentic emotional expression and inner peace may positively impact our genetic health. Heart consciousness and pregnancy: Following from the point above, the quality of our heart energy during pregnancy impacts the developing baby's experience. At a prenatal and perinatal psychology workshop I participated in many years ago, Thomas Verny, the facilitator, discussed the research of an Italian colleague that explored how a mother's conscious and subconscious feelings about the pregnancy impacted the child.

When a mother both consciously and subconsciously wanted to be pregnant and welcomed her baby, the child thrived. When the mother either consciously or subconsciously wanted the baby, the child was fine. When the mother neither consciously nor subconsciously wanted the baby, the child felt the effects of this hostile emotional climate.

I remember a story of a woman who not only didn't want her baby but also resented his intrusive presence in her body. When the Italian doctor would use an ultrasound to view the baby as the mother talked about her resentments of him and the pregnancy, the baby would curl up in a tiny ball in a corner of the uterus, trying to make himself very small. When considering having children, making a thoughtful, heartful, integrated decision is important for the overall wellbeing of a child. The power of touch: When we reach out and touch another person, we are literally extending the energy of our hearts.

We can understand why loving, present, respectful touch is such a powerful healing force. Likewise, hurtful touch carries deep messages that register in the heart and body, both in the moment and over time.

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Learning to engage our hearts consciously in touch can bring forth the natural healer in each of us. The power of love: In forgiving, we free ourselves from attachments to the past and we clear encumbrances that constrict our heart, expanding our ability to love and be loved. Ultimately forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves. We can find inspiration in the words of Nelson Mandela, who was imprisoned by the South African government for twenty-seven years yet emerged without bitterness for his captors. Even knowing the value of forgiveness, many people doubt whether they will ever be able to forgive and let go.

Be assured that we all have the ability to forgive, for it is the nature of life to release toxicity and return to wholeness.

Particularly in cases of deep violation, forgiveness is a process that requires us to forgive a layer at a time. This is a very gradual process and it occurs at a rate that you are comfortable with. If you find this process too intense you can ask for the process to slow down through your will and intent.

Healing Heart Power

Our heart can hold pain and trauma from our love relationships — and from past lives. Past life healing and regression is popular in the new age community at the moment, because collectively we are beginning to heal our past and wipe the slate clean. True love is when you love yourself first and then naturally you love everyone around you automatically as an extension of that self-love. I have been practicing mindfulness meditation as part of my healing journey. It has been hit and miss really with healing and mainly been a positive way to alleviate anxiety attacks.

I used this meditation after a chakra grounding meditation and the combination brought sadness, fear, shame to the surface to relaese — and I am feeling great peace now. I will continue with this. Thank you for making this meditation available to all, I am one who couldnt afford to waste money on things I do not know whether will work for me.

Hi Steph, that is great to hear you had a positive experience with this meditation and are feeling at peace. I wanted everyone to be able to experience this meditation for free. I recommend to practice this meditation a couple times a week at first, and then you can space it out further if you wish, as needed.

At times, negative emotions will rise to the surface, breathe and feel them and they will subside. You can also visualise violet light transmuting them as they surface. All the best on your healing journey! Thank you I sincerely appreciate your assistance in helping me to restore peace and control I have been quite a mess and so happy I am moving baack to myself but could not habe done it without people like you.

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Hi Sandy, Sorry to hear about your situation, but I am glad this meditation helped you. I did this meditation a couple of days ago and was surprised to find myself brought to tears. It made me realize a pain and fear that I have had for most of my life and helped me feel a little more at peace with it. I have a feeling if I continued doing this meditation- I could possibly completely heal my heart of these past painful experiences and fears.

Thank you very much for offering these free guided meditations! The universe is indeed abundant! I like to offer some of my meditations for free, as I realise not everyone can afford to purchase them. I also want everyone to have the opportunity to listen to them. This meditation will help with releasing fears and healing the heart, especially if practiced on a regular basis.

Yes indeed, the universe is abundant. I am holding a Satsang and meditation circle every second week and would like to share this meditation with the group. Would you be kind enough to share what back ground music you are using? Again thank you for sharing.

I forgot to mention, if you do a search on itunes for the artist Oda, the title Meditation Music, you can download some music by the composer I use for my meditations. Yes please feel free to share this meditation with your meditation circle. Glad to hear you found the meditation relaxing. Meditation and guided meditation can indeed be powerful, especially when you practice it regularly.

Just minutes a day is all you need to experience the benefits. You can then build up to longer durations if you wish or as time permits. This is one of my favourite meditations because we all need some healing on some level. Thanks for leaving some feedback. Good morning from Ireland Brad. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience, and also for sharing this beautiful meditation Free. I see colours during healing meditations and I was surrounded by the most beautiful warm pink. At the end I was covered in bright white light to protect me. Love, light, gratitude and blessings to you Theresa OBrien.

Hi Theresa, Good evening from Australia. Visualising colours can be powerful and helpful for healing body, mind and spirit. Thanks for leaving some feedback about your experience. I lost my oldest son three months ago and now have some time to meditate and heal. I listened to you and have decided that I will do it daily. On payday, I will download as well. Thanks for helping me see that I am a loving being.

Healing the Heart

I am looking forward to feeling better each day. Hi Stacy, sorry to hear about your loss. This Healing the Heart meditation may help you to grieve and heal, but take it slowly and gently. Sometimes it can be helpful to talk to someone close or a counsellor at times such as these, as well.

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