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If this footage was truly taken with this security camera, these frames would have been obscured or hidden. So the camera that shot the footage was either floating in mid-air possibly held by a second ghost?

Caesar & Otto's Paranormal Halloween – Review

In fact, it was prominently featured in social media posts promoting the event: There were a few other clues that the phenomena in the footage were not the work of ghosts. For instance, when the caution sign is upended, the pattern on the floor briefly disappears, indicating that this footage featured clever editing, not paranormal activity:.

Not only with this latest entry but with the franchise itself, Campfield is honest and self-reflective on his place in the filmmaking world, pressures, sticking to the formula for success and how the reality is for most for indie filmmakers of any kind. Hell, Campfield even throws in some John Steinbeck! Yes, there is overacting!

Yes, at times the characters can be annoying! Yes, it is a gateway horror film for the younger generation! Yes, it's B rated and cheaply wonderful!

Halloween Cinema Scares: Unseen Screams 2

However, in the same vein as the modern, low-budget, midnight movie filmmakers like Mike Mendez, Ryan Scott Weber, James Balsamo, and more, Campfield makes his vision come to life. I agree that these movies were not scary.

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  • The Angels in Disguise;
  • Cinch Marks:: Misadventures and Tall Tales from a Self-described Curmudgeon.

Actually most horror movies fail to really scare me these days. Even though neither Paranormal Activity movies scared me, I did find them entertaining atleast. They show her return upstairs of her townhouse bedroom only to later be shot by the police after she snaps out of rocking back in forth beside her bed.

  1. Halloween Pack : “Paranormal Activity 2” | Trash Film Guru.
  2. Was a Ghost Caught on Camera in the Hallways of an Irish School??
  3. Gilbane Building Company ; 92-2782 10/04/93!
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  6. Unless they somehow tie in another group of people there really is no hope for a 3rd movie. At this point I think if they tried it would just water down the whole story even more.

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