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Jane Feather was born in Cairo, Egypt, and grewup in the south of England. She was trained as a social worker and, after moving with her husbandand three children to New Jersey, pursued her careerin psychiatric social work. She started writingafter she relocated her family to Washington, D. More about the author. Search the Australian Bookseller's Association website to find a bookseller near you.

The links will take you to the web site's home page. From there you can navigate to the title you are interested in. Find the hottest teen books, connect with your favorite YA authors and meet new friends who share your reading interests! Your one stop blog for teaching information, author updates and a wealth of educational resources. Book Overview Author Info and Events. I would go so far as to even recommend it to sixteen-year-olds! There are no overly explicit scenes in this book that would make it inappropriate for this generation, or for that matter, any generation.

I highly recommend it, and strongly urge you to ignore the negative reviews of this delightful romance story. View all 3 comments. A wonderful, well-researched historic romance with an age-gap frisson. Reckless Angel deserves a far better blurb than the vague, generically florid one here. He ends up marrying her partly to save her from her abusive father and being sold in matrimony to some horrible e A wonderful, well-researched historic romance with an age-gap frisson.

He ends up marrying her partly to save her from her abusive father and being sold in matrimony to some horrible elderly man. As the civil war intensifies and King Charles is execute, they travel to the Netherlands and then to Spain, seeking support from foreign powers. The ending is perhaps a little unrealistic and over-dramatic, but still, it's an exciting read and nice to see the damsel-in-distress theme completely inverted!

In terms of the erotic content of the book: In fact it takes a good while for the couple to get that side of things sorted out. There's a touching and believable defloration scene on the wedding night. All in all a sensual and romantic story, full of adventure and period detail.

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It's nice to see how Daniel eventually comes round to realising that he can't expect to control or curb his young wife's spiritedness but instead embraces it. The only thing I would have liked would have been a happier ending for his sister. Jan 28, Desi rated it it was amazing. Enjoyed the history lesson. I was mildly disturbed by the "normal for the period" age gap between the leads but my modern sensibilities in no way took away from my enjoyment of the story.

Especially when I remembered people tended to die by the age of forty in the s. So one had better hop to it early o'clock. Both main characters were well fleshed out and interesting. Henrieta was charming when she wasn't being annoying and incredibly asinine and Daniel certainly had the patience of Job. T Enjoyed the history lesson. There was a lot of jumping around in terms of the setting, in that they were stationed in several countries, not all of which necessarily felt distinct from one another. I quite liked most of the secondary characters including his kids and old nurse.

Will and Henrieta's relationship was cute and served well as comic relief. I particularly liked that his first wife was represented as loving and having been loved by him and his family.

I really dislike the demonizing of previous spouses that books sometimes do. As if it is impossible to have loved truly before if you are in love now. I like that Daniel talked about her and mentioned her casually on occasion to his second wife, and that the book did not pretend she never existed as is sometimes done.

I would give this four stars but I am going for five because of the sheer amount of work and research that clearly went into its construction. Feather, Virginia Henley and Elizabeth Thornton were all quite good at interweaving predominantly accurate historical detail into their works. They paint very vivid pictures of what actually living in a certain time was like.

You always come away feeling like you learned something new. Seeing as there is often actual 'history' in the historical romance for a change. Mar 10, Nina Ivanova rated it it was ok Shelves: The book reather bored me, especially the main female lead, which I found quite annoying. Sir Daniel, was actually not a bad call, but you can't help feeling sorry for him for ending up with her.

The plot I didn't find interesting exept for the first and the last few chapters. This is one of the more "unconventional" historical ones where a lady masquerades as boy. Although honestly, weren't there more women that did this? I find it hard to believe an entire society is filled with women all following the party line. In this one, "Henry" is cute and it's easy to see why the hero falls for her and saves her. Sweet uncomp This is one of the more "unconventional" historical ones where a lady masquerades as boy.

Sweet uncomplicated plot - nice guilty pleasure read. She was found wounded and unconscious on the battlefield by Daniel Drummond and Tom. They carried her off the field and took her to the nearest cottage they could find. The woman their cared for Henrietta, who was called Harry, until Will arrived and told them all her true name. Harry had thought Will dead. They left the woman's house and headed to London. Dani 15 yr old Henrietta Ashby ran away from her abusive father and stepmother following her neighbor and friend, Will Osbert, into a battle.

Daniel sent a note to Harry's father asking to meet him there.

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She showed up and hit Will and started beating Harry. Daniel arrived and asked for permission to marry her and her father agreed. Harry was to be the payment for a debt as bride to the man he owed. Daniel accepted the debt as payment for Harry. Daniel took Harry home to care for his daughters, Lizzie and Nan. Their governess wasn't happy about Harry taking the girls from their lessons to traipse about in the woods around their home. She complained to Daniel. Daniel had expected Harry to know how to run a house and wanted her to teach his children. She was afraid to tell him how little she knew of household duties but he eventually found out.

He told her that he would help her learn. Daniel received a note from the man who Daniel now owed money to for Harry. Daniel was worried about how to pay the debt and mentioned this to Harry. She told Daniel that she had money that was left to her by her mother and they went to London to see her father's attorney about obtaining the funds.

They stayed with a former nurse of Daniel's. The attorney delivered a notice to Harry's father regarding the funds and he came to see them along with Will had his parents.

They were fighting when Daniel arrived home one evening. Gerald hit his daughter and Daniel hit him. Will took her out of the room to deal with her swelling face while Daniel and Gerald settled their money matters. Daniel received Harry's inherited money. They remained in London after they all left because they wanted to find out if the fine imposed upon Daniel would be reduced for his taking part in the battle where they found Harry.

They continued to stay because the King Charles the I of England was on trial. They stayed until he was beheaded. Charles II was in exile and Daniel told Harry that they were going to see Charles II and swear their allegiance to him and would also live in exile. Daniel thought to go alone but Harry insisted that she and the children would go with him. Daniel was still learning the value and determination of Harry as a good wife to him. They all relocated to The Hague and helped those who put themselves into exile as they did.

After a year of being there, King Charles II asked them to go to Madrid, Spain to speak to their ruler and ask assistance in raising an army to take back his throne. The Parliament was running England and the country was not a good place to be.

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Celebrations such as Christmas were no longer allowed. People were afraid to speak to others in fear of their lives and possessions. Will also left and came to find them in The Hague and he stayed in their house with the girls and their governess. He also met Julia while he was there. She was Harry's best friend. Harry had never had a girl as a friend before. Julia was about the same age as Harry but she hadn't married yet. While they were traveling to Spain, Harry was seasick for a while. Daniel took care of her until it passed. A Turkish ship approached their Dutch merchant ship and they pretended that their ship was only there guarding the merchant ships and the Turks believed them.

Harry was told to stay in her room but paid the cabin boy for his clothes and got out. As cabin boy, she was asked to take a pouch of Dutch tobacco to the Turkish captain. Daniel was frightened for her when he found out that it was her on the other ship. Harry was frightened that Daniel would punish her and she knew that she deserved it. She was also scared and he realized that she came out of their cabin due to her love for him and wanting to be with him so he didn't punish her.

They were in Spain for 5 months.

Reckless Angel

Daniel was frustrated in trying to get an audience with the King of Spain. Harry wanted to help and found an audience with the queen but she was asked to obtain information that her husband had received from The Hague. Daniel caught her reading the missive and got so upset that he didn't talk to her for days. She wanted to explain why she was trying to read the information. It was so that she could give realistic information to the queen while not giving away everything. She knew nothing and didn't know what to lie about.

Daniel didn't give her a chance to explain until she was caught trying to leaving Spain with their neighbors to go back home.

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That is what it took for Daniel to listen and Harry did help him get an audience with the king. They left for The Hague the day after he spoke with the Spanish King. They arrived back at The Hague and Harry learned that Will had been refused by Julia's parents as an acceptable marriage partner.

They were both upset and Harry arranged for them to meet at her house. They didn't tell Daniel but he felt something was up and he found out. By the time he found out, Julia was pregnant. Daniel went to speak to Julia's parents in an attempt to gain their consent for a marriage without telling them that Julia was pregnant and disgracing her.

During the conversation, Daniel told Julia's parents of his love for Harry and she was pleasantly surprised to find out how loved she was. King Charles II had declared his intention to return to the Scots to form an army to reclaim England. Daniel was to remain at The Hague waiting for the King's command to join him.

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Daniel told Harry that it wouldn't be long before they would be returning to England. They arrived back in England in the middle of the night with Will, Julia and the girls. Henrietta was 4 months pregnant and Julia was close to being due. Harry drove them to their house to find it in disarray.

Tom had met the boat and he, Daniel and Will went to meet the king's army. Harry straightened out the running of the household. Julia went into labor and had a baby boy she named Robert. Will's mother arrived the next afternoon. She would take Julia and the baby to her home when Julia was well enough to travel. Harry packed up the girls and took them to London. She was on her way to the battlefield to be with Daniel.

She arrived to find the battle over and King Charles II had been defeated. Daniel had been wounded and his wrist smashed. Will and Tom had left him behind and headed to Will's home. Harry went to Cromwell's headquarters to ask about the prisoners but gave a fictitious name to locate. She ended up passing out at the entrance and was taken inside and fed by the soldiers there. Cromwell had already left. She decided to pretend to sleep and listen to see what she could learn. A group of prisoners soon arrived and Daniel was among them.

She found out that their names would be taken in the morning and she went to see him telling the soldiers that she was headed to use the toilet. Harry told Daniel to use an incorrect name and that she would see him later to help him escape. The prisoners were herded out the next morning and it was a couple days later when she found him again.

She told his guard that she was a friend of the family and asked if they could travel to her cottage to spend the night. He could come too. They knocked the guard unconscious and Harry dressed as a boy and Daniel was disguised as an old lady. They traveled to Will's house and stayed there for a week. Tom and Will were there and Julia, the baby and Will's mother all soon arrived.

Tom went to London and picked up the girls and brought them to Will's place. Daniel told them all that he was through fighting. His arm was no longer of good use. He loved Harry and they were going to raise their child together. They were going home.