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From figure-flattering silhouettes to elegant embellishments, these finds will definitely land you on the best-dressed list at your New Year's Eve party. This collage piece by Gregory Wishum displays the road of progress from oppression to presidency. A prideful showcase of perseverance, boldly display it in your home or o This piece by Gregory Wishum showcases a legendary lineup of black musicians who helped to change the face of music and the world. Add the booming energy of progress and Print on paper with fade resistant ink and acrylic glazing.

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Amanti Art 31 in. See at Home Depot. Many people are inspired to change the world, but What To Buy Now. Amanti Art 33 in. W "Out of Many One" by " "Wishu This collage piece by Gregory Wishum displays the W "Motown Legends" by " Wishum This piece by Gregory Wishum showcases a legendary It is related of the Prophet Joseph that when he was making up his company to go West, to find a suitable location for his suffering people, where they could worship God without being molested by mob violence, one day he invited a number of brethren to take a horseback ride with him.

As the prophet led his little company along the road, he came to a large pool of water, around the edge of which the road made a curve. Without hesitating, the prophet plunged his horse through the water. A number of those with him followed without saying a word, while others followed the road around the pool. It is related that when he made up his company, Joseph selected every man who followed him through the pool of water, and not one of the others was chosen. Such is the test and condition of Zion people. Tests bring us to the crucible of choosing. The administration of these ordinances and the celestial law could be received only in a temple.

How we choose—and there are only two choices—is our test: Will we or will we not choose to remain true to our covenants?

Parts of that epistle became sections and of the Doctrine and Covenants. Although the rich man was clearly a good man who had lived the commandments, he could not bring himself to accept the law of consecration, which would have covered him in safety and opened the door to perfection.

Parallel universes in fiction

They have not sinned ignorantly. This is the day for choosing between Zion and Babylon. They are walking in darkness at noonday, according to President Lee, and their actions constitute a very grievous sin. They have agreed to follow the principles of obedience, sacrifice, and consecration, but they do not do so.

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President Woodruff warned that their behavior carries severe eternal risks. The priesthood cannot function under such conditions; it becomes totally inoperative.

And we will give your friends and family a free copy of the book too! In this series of five articles on the Constitution of the Priesthood, we have discussed: No Comments Post or read comments. Join Mormons worldwide to stand true in a changing world. As I See It: